Full Service Private Investigation Agency

Located in South Florida, Scoba Investigations is a full service private investigation agency and your source for trusted, professional investigators. All of our investigators are retired Federal and State law enforcement officers. Our agency is dedicated to helping you with your unique and special needs.

Scoba Investigations provides a wide range of confidential investigative services to attorneys, insurance companies, corporations, small businesses and the general public throughout South Florida, and nationwide. We can assist you with all of your needs including domestic, criminal and civil investigations (please see our full list under services). With our team of former Federal agents, we can also assist with all of your investigative needs in Latin America.

At Scoba Investigations, we live by one simple premise – we find the truth. With an unwavering tenacity we leave no stone unturned, delivering our clients peace of mind and certainty.

Whether you own and operate a law firm, a multinational business, our international network of investigators and detectives has the resources to uncover the truth and the client commitment to ensure that your concerns are treated with the utmost discretion and sensitivity.

We are FORMER DEA Officers

You are in good hands when you know you are dealing with former DEA agents. We are special agents that come from variety of backgrounds. DEA agents work with controlled substances and drug trafficking to destroy financial infrastructure of criminal organizations.

We are Inventive

We collect, analyze and distribute drug intelligence information and are able to seize assets derived from illegal drug trafficking.

We are Insightful

We have a deep and accurate understanding of each of the countries’ government and the laws we deal with, as well as the current laws in the United States, federal agencies and corporations.

We have Integrity

We have had great success and experience in our field, enabled with integrity, we continue to provide outstanding service that resolve the needs of our private clientele.
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